Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:    What is AboutOfficeSpace"?

A: is a specially designed web site for the marketing of serviced office space with business services worldwide, also referred to as executive suites and office business centers. is listed with major search engines around the globe.

Q:    Are there any charges for using AboutOfficeSpace?

A:    No. has no user fees and is open to the public providing information and personal service in the selection of a private office worldwide.

Q:    We have our own home page and are listed on the Internet, why should we list with "AboutOfficeSpace"?

A:    There are a number of ways that a site such as AboutOfficeSpace can be advantageous for you. Because it is a large site, it can be easier for your prospects to find, especially using the popular search engines, If they are experienced users, they can find your individual listing on the web, but they may have to scroll through multiple listings and several pages first. Another advantage is that of any form of advertising, that of exposure. .

Q:    How do customers find "AboutOfficeSpace"?

A:    By entering keywords in the search engine.

Q:   Who owns AboutOfficeSpace?

A:   InterData Access Corporation provides websites exclusively for the marketing of shared offices, and executive suites around the world.



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